Bowman Street, Cabbagetown, 8x10, oil/panel  sold

Don Valley Art Club Annual Fall Show and Sale 2012
The Papermill Gallery, Todmorden Mills
September 15-23, 2012

Under Governors Road,
the beltline trail, Toronto
8x10", oil on panel, p/a, 350. CD sold
The 4.5 km Beltline Trail is one of the best trails in Toronto in any
season but especially in the fall. A walk down 'Milkmans Way' on to
the Beltline leads to the Old Toronto Brickworks, now used by artists
and ecological groups.

Buckhorn Farm, Ontario, oil/panel, 8"x10"  sold 

The Gates, Riverdale Park, Cabbagetown, Toronto
oil/panel, 5"x7" 
Road to El Calafate, oil/canvas, 8"x10" 
'18 Apples' at the Peartree

Peartree Show, June 1 to July 31, 2013

Peartree Show, June 1 to July 31, 2012

Erin Farm Field, oil/panel, plein air, June, 5"x7" 
9 Apples, epoxy resin finish, oil/panel, 5"x7"
Holiday Art Show and Sale of Large and Small Works
Don Valley Art Club, December 5-9, 2012
The Secret Garden, Cabbagetown, oil/panel, 5"x7"  
This park hidden in the depths of Cabbagetown has no name, is known and cared for only 
by the neighbors, may it remain that way for many years to come.